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In-Unit Care:

The patient’s plan of care includes careful attention to the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and his or her family members. Palliative care emphasizes living, personal choice, and helping people to make the most of each day by relief of symptoms and treating each patient as an individual whilst keeping with their value system.

Criteria for admission into the care centre

Families can book a room or a bed in a general ward for their loved one either for long term frail care or short term stays i.e. respite care or care when the family is away on holiday. This should be booked early to ensure that a room or a bed is available.

There is not usually a waiting list but early bookings are advised.

  • There must be an empty bed / room available in the unit.
  • The patient should already be under medical care e.g. a state hospital, a clinic, a general practitioner or specialist and if they are on mediation they need to advise what medication they are taking to ensure continuity and control. This can be done either by the patient requesting a report from his / her Doctor or the unit Sister can request the information from the patients Doctor.
  • Medication, if any, must be brought in with the patient. This includes arrangements for oxygen if necessary.
  • The patient should be accompanied by a family member or close friend on admission and have their I.D. book with them.
  • The patient must agree to have Hospice

Please contact our office to enquire about the fees for our various care options:
016 428 1410 /

Frail Care


Palliative care is available to all people in the Vaal Triangle suffering from a terminal disease or who are in the terminal stages of any disease. This can include visits from a nursing sister to patient’s homes during daylight hours as well as advice per telephone if needed after dark.
A Doctor or clinic sister’s letter of referral must be received before any service can be started and patients must already in Hospice Care/terminally ill.

The patient must also agree to have Hospice care.

A person who is bed bound requires a lot of nursing and he/she may need help with dressing, washing, toileting. This kind of care cannot always be provided in the home by the family, and this is where Wide Horizon Care can help. Costs for respite care or home based care will be calculated according to need & length of stay.

Looking to hire medical equipment?

We hire out items such as comodes, bedpans,
wheelchairs and hospital beds.
Please contact us for a full catalogue and
pricing on these.

Grannies Project


Fourteen years ago, we at Wide Horizon Hospice felt so strongly that we could support the Grannies caring for their orphaned grandchildren, that we began the Grannies Program.

This program keeps the family unit together to avoid families and siblings from being split up as a result of them being put into the foster system. We supply these families with monthly food parcels, school clothes, counselling and health needs. Our grannies meet at Wide Horizon Hospice once a month and all the staff look forward to these days, as the interaction is so positive and we can physically see what a difference Wide Horizon brings to our grannies and their children.

Today, we are so proud of our flourishing Grannies Program! If you would like to contribute to this program, please donate to Wide Horizon Care using the reference “Grannies”. If you would like more information on how you can help, please contact our office.

Karuna Clinic


HIV Clinic, to address HIV/Aids, the Karuna Clinic was opened in 1998. This project has expanded as the needs of the community are realised.

Main Activities Addressing HIV/Aids:

  • Provide pre and post HIV test counselling & ongoing support for the patient and their families.
  • VCT (Voluntary Counselling & Testing)
  • Screening for TB
  • Home based palliative nursing care to bed bound patients.
  • Medication / Access to Medical Drs. and other health professionals
  • Food support in the form of food parcels to those in dire need.
  • Education in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Workshops, awareness campaigns and information sessions on HIV treatment & prevention within the community and Business sectors.
  • Partnerships with the Dept of Health, local Hospitals and Primary Health Care facilities.
  • Effective ongoing support to those who are infected and affected by the HI Virus
Seriti Mine


Our partnership with Anglo American now called Seriti mine has been in existence for over 20 years where we support their occupational health team.

We provide:

  • Weight Management
  • BMI
  • HIV screening / counselling, testing and referral to the local clinic if necessary
  • TB screening counselling and referral to the clients local clinic if necessary
  • COVID 19 screening and testing and referral to clinic if showing symptoms
  • We join in the Mines World Aids Day health awareness day and other campaigns as required.
  • Educational talks usually around alcohol abuse and sexual health

The system works as it keeps the Human Resource Dept. up to date on how many employees need assistance. Whilst protecting the anonymity of the employee unless consent is given this does not apply to notifiable diseases such as TB and more recently, COVID.

The Mine have supported Wide Horizon Hospice (WHH) with equipment for our facility and gifts for the Grannies and their children in our Grannies Program.
The Mine contributes to WHH financially with a monthly donation in support of the contribution that WHH make to the wellbeing of the mines employees.
We are also currently trying to reach out to more adult males & young boys through Men’s Dialogue days at the Mine.

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